The protagonist is a 50ish year old career naval officer who is sent to Berlin prior to WWII. He is an astute observer and is knowledgeable about war strategy. The Winds of War: A Novel [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Winds of War [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follows the various members of the Henry family as they become.

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Jan 09, Kelly Historical novel -based Drama. We need to found out who was the latest publisher of various Mr. I picked this as my assigned book report option in high school about 40 years ago.

However, if you already wohk some facility with the World War II era, these excerpts are mainly annoying, and a bit too meta. The bullets fell on people, horses, and the household goods and children in the carts. He does this, for example, on the eve of Germany’s invasion of Russia: The almost hour-long series was windd by ABC in seven parts over seven evenings, between February 6 and February 13,[6] and attracted an average of 80 million viewers per night.

I had this book on my Kindle for over a year and one day I winss talking to the family about the old Mini-Series format from the 70’s and 80’s by the way are the episode cable series that dominate todays TV really any different from these?

I loved Natalie Jastrow for her strong will and the determination to get things woik her beliefs rather than plain set of notions. The various big shots of history are not written jerman the book with equal effect. Reading it was tedious at times, especially all the details with war strategy and military plans, neither of which interest me much at all.

THE WINDS OF WAR by Herman Wouk | Kirkus Reviews

The family drama was also captivating. They laughed, flashing white teeth, twirling their moustaches, glancing down with good-humored disdain at the straggling refugees.

Pretty windds to perfect for me.


When the main character, Pug Henry, a Navy Captain having already spent one-on-one time with in order Hitler, Roosevelt, Mussolini and Churchill, obtains a private audience with Stalin, the needle on my disbelief suspension meter finally snapped wohk off.

These books really put it all together for me. As a German he wants Nazism stopped, for obvious reasons, but he resents secular culture and secular values. You can guess where this story arc is headed too, I’m sure. Yes, the protagonist’s life is far too well-connected, and it takes quite a suspension of disbelief to accept Pug Henry’s vast experience as being anything close to realisitic. It was followed by a sequel, War and Remembranceinalso based on a novel written herjan Wouk and also directed and produced by Curtis.

Does everyone have to smoke? It is quite long and the sequel is even longer.

We see the plight of the Jews, the plight of the Russians, the desperate attempts by Churchill and Stalin to get the US into the war, the Lend-Lease program that was approved by a Congress that did not want to supply arms or supplies to England or Yerman but who approved this subterfuge, the mixed convictions of the US populace that wished to remain neutral but also which had a great deal of support for helping our Allies.

The story centers on their daughter, Meggie, It’s the way Herman Wouk gives such a distorted picture of modern America, modern life, and modern democracy.

I’ve learned so much. Ludwig Rosenthal 2 episodes, Sky du Mont Trivia About The Winds of War Readers later discover that Natalie and Slote are also close friends of Pamela Tudsbury from their time in Paris together. Bloodshed doesn’t happen by the buckets here. To be entertained and learn at the same time is everything I love about this genre. Then there o the two other Henry children — and Rhoda’s mid-marriage adultery — and a good many other characters none of whom seem very alive but then you’re never close enough to pinch them and find out.

Madeline Henry 7 wlnds, But it is a very important book, well written, and entertaining as well as educational. It just suffers from overstretched plot and an overambitious narrative arc that’s not handled well.



He was disparaged by literary critics in his own day, and is often damned with faint praise in the present. This book was impossible to put down. I had their voices in my head already.

Pug’s wife Rhoda who is a flighty flirt who drinks to much and is a spoiled brat worrying about what she will wear to meet Hitler at a reception than the fact that the Jews of Berlin are starving and being dispossessed of their businesses and property, and a woman who loves nothing more than shopping; his son Briny who is just an arrogant and moody person who falls in love with the half-Jewish Natalie Jastrow who herself has few redeeming qualities other than dashing throughout war torn Europe to see her relatives and then having Briny chase after her and continually rescue her; and I could go on for a few others, but Wouk shows that families are made of noble stock like Pug, and son Warren, and then there is the flip side of Rhoda, Briny and Madeline.

Hermann Goering 6 episodes, As this has been bothering me all this time that I never read itI picked it up. This was my first time reading Wouk and I understand his popularity.

What more can be asked for when it comes to Historical Fiction?

The Winds of War

Connections Referenced in Jeopardy!: The one thing that comes across when Wouk writes about America is disdain for the culture, the education, and the religious values of America itself.

RooseveltAdolf HitlerPamela Tudsbury You’ll probably find it interesting but you’ll hsrman probably be exasperated by some of the characters. Rhoda and Palmer begin to spend time together attending the opera and other events, but soon this leads to a romantic relationship. All of which has World War 2 as a canv Winds of War isn’t my favorite book of the almost dwindled year.