I bought Voodoo when it first came out a couple years back. At the time I bought it out of curiousity about the alternate magic system Carella developed for. After hearing many good things about it, especially from A&Ers, I went out and purchased GURPS Voodoo, only the 3rd GURPS supplement I own (the other two. GURPS Classic: Voodoo – GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War takes the myths of the mystical religions known as Voudoun and Santeria and.

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Caribbean Occult History Rather than interweave the paranormal and historical parts of its history, a separate section of this chapter goes over that timeline from the perspective of the supernatural elements of the setting.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Populist uprisings begin to form across the Caribbean and Latin America. There is some great background material here on Voodoo, as well as some fantastic material on the “Shadow War” between things of the fantastic and things of the “real” world. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. His Spirit Warriors always wear white as well, and are obsessive about cleanliness.

Gene rated it really liked it Sep 06, Write a customer review. The latter is the concept that your magic is more powerful if you have created a link to the target this link being the titular contagion: Same deal as drug dealers.

Spirit Warrior template base is 93 pts. The anima is the Latin name for the spark of life.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War by C.J. Carella

They live under metropolises, but were there long before even the first founding stones were built, leading some to hypothesize that the Devourers draw people in to create cities they can corrupt. While vkodoo and impulsive, he is also thoughtful and passionate, and is called upon alongside Legba and Ochosi to ward off disease and curses. Will ; Per ; Speed 5.

Elfbiter rated it it was ok Dec 25, Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth For something that’s so marginally controllable or accessible, it might be more reasonable to stat it as a Patron or Ally rather than as an alternate form. People killing other people is what makes him happy, and he’s probably behind that serial killer fraternity mentioned a few chapters back. The Path of Dreams allows for both the astral travel to the world of dreams and the ability to manipulate the dreams of others, the Path of Health is the two-way street of both healing and harming others, the Path of Luck covers blessings and curses, the Path of Protection helps ward against both physical and spiritual threats, and the Path of Spirits deals with influencing both entities of the spirit world and souls of the living.


Last edited by Icelander; at As the evils of addiction are all spurred on by the Corruptors, an ex-drug dealer character is said to be an especially good spy against them, Expatriate: Keely rated it liked it Aug 21, Will 18; Per 16; Speed 7.

While not as numerous as stage magician Initiates, there are some spiritualist mediums and New Age mystics who know true magic. The land itself is tainted forever by this ancient spirit. Of course, this still leaves the question of what different Levels even mean. Moving further up the ladder, Fourth Level Initiates can always see and hear spirits, even if they might not be in the mood for it at the time, and if not properly cautious may be misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and locked away in an insane asylum.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

You guessed it, Corruptor. Rather amusingly, this also means they can’t normally ride in vehicles, but can tie their essence to one just enough to “sit” by expending a Fatigue Point per hour of travel.

Campaign Style This section is literally just an expansion of the point buy options from back in chapter 2. This mysterious spirit of time and divination resides in the dream world as a presence consisting of memories of the past and visions of the future constantly rolling voosoo in a tumultuous fog.

Will 16; Per 16; Speed 7. Still, it comes from a right-minded heart, and in spite of my ire at some of its material I would ultimately give GURPS Voodoo the stamp of a flawed work with good intentions, and its underlying framework could be salvaged. Baron Samedi, the loa of death whose undertaker-like outfit and white skull facepaint belie the fact that he’s a crude and jovial gurpd who is fond of practical jokes, alcohol and cigars, and making lewd jokes.


You’ve probably heard of one of them already: Will 16; Per 15; Speed 7.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

Raise Zombie lets you create a zombie of the actual Haitian lore sort, not the walking dead sort. Will 16; Per 16; Speed 8. Street samurai melee fighting In-Betweeners and netrunners vs. While they cannot innately shapeshift like many other In-Betweeners, skin-changers get around the whole “is a horrifying walking beast of revealed muscle and fat” issue by being able to assume the form of someone whose flayed skin they have taken.

Everything’s about achieving gnosis and becoming the most powerful and mystically enlightened Initiate around. Mounts of Obatala get some extra Strength and Health, damage resistance, and immunity to disease, and only wear white clothing.

His Spirit Warriors become lecherous and ill-tempered. These guys are bokor’s familiars, spirits with great strength, speed, and intellect that takes the form of a cat, dog, rat, or snake so that it can masquerade as a pet. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He is both a lover and a fighter, going at both with full force, and is usually wielding a sword or double-headed axe.

You also get a paragraph on making your own rituals that can be summed up as “I dunno, just make stuff up I guess, just remember to have the three elements and a skill penalty if it’s particularly hard to do”. Get to Know Us. Those made Mounts by Erzulie gain one of the three affectations from the quote I used to open up this post and act in a stereotypically feminine way and engage in various erotic maneuvers, and gain a bit of a boost to Strength and Dexterity, minor damage resistance, and a lot of the Charisma advantage.

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