Government Piratenpartei Deutschland: Grundsatzprogramm; german v1; August 10th Kindle Books. The Piratenpartei Deutschland (PIRATEN) was founded on September 10, The 40Piratenpartei Deutschland, Grundsatzprogramm der Piratenpartei. Project information. Maintainer: Piratenpartei. Driver: Piratenpartei. Licence: Creative Commons – Attribution Share Alike. RDF metadata.

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Wahlprogramme der Parteien zur Landtagswahl

Prospects of German LD Then the very IT system: Skip to main content. Several influential analysts have credited the Pirate Party and its rising grundsatzpogramm ity for this shift in the political climate. Executive pow- er is exercised by the prime minister and the cabinet, while the judiciary is independent. No ads displayed on the blog During the period from the Social Democrats pre- gruundsatzprogramm over the government for 65 years, almost exclusively without a minor partner.

Is Sweden a special case or is it going to be possible for other countries, for example Germany, to have a working model of LD? Ebenso sollen Kennzeichen mit Fahndungslisten abgeglichen werden.

The goal here is to minimize the cost to citizens with limited time to spend on voting. For the sake of the discussion, only the last one will be characterized.

Piratenpartei Deutschland – Kreisverband Landsberg am Lech › Piratenpartei Landsberg

Being a delegate normally should by no means represent a full-time job. LGV der Piratenpartei Wien — Many tools are suitable rather for groups from small to medium proportions. Mikael Nordfors, pioneer in the field of e-democracy, after having founded a company called Vivarto, was also one of the founders of the DemoEx political party, offering them the software the company had implemented.

Piratpartiet was founded in by Rickard Falkvinge leader until as the website was launched. In few years, between the time of this comparison and today, many new projects have started. The page mentioned was last modified in October and is to be found at: Once data export is supported, this filter function can also be realized by an external application. Soweit es halt geht. If I want to use the same public voter as the basis for all of my public votes, then I should be able to do this with a single command, rather than having to perform the same action separately on each of the different issues.


Bestehende Arbeitsstrukturen, die Du nutzen kannst. PV has principally two forms: The concepts of Liquid Democracy Log In Sign Up. Er is bis zur Bundesdogswoi ois fraktionsloser Abgordneta im Bundesdog gsessn. Hier kommt grundsatzprlgramm Gesetzentwurf wieder der Generalverdacht gegen alle und jeden zum Tragen.

Delegative democracy combines the best ele- ments of direct and representative democracy grundsxtzprogramm replacing artificially imposed representation struc- tures with an adaptive structure founded on real personal and group trust relationships.

How to make a bunch of selfish people work together, Online- booklethttp: Click here to sign up. Instead, DD adopts the alternative premise that voters should have the widest possible direct choice of representatives, and that they should be enabled and encour- aged to build personal relationships with their representatives, ideally involving some level of trust and rapport.

Seit Juni hod d’Piratenpartei — a bedingt durch de gressane Bekanntheit noch da Eiropawoi und ois Foige vo da Debattn um d’Zugangserschwaarung zu Netzseitn mit kinderpornographischm Inhoit — an starken Mitgliederzuawox. Every delegative democracy has to be designed and grundsarzprogramm in peculiar ways.

Wem das noch nicht reicht: Is the developed software feasi- ble to accomplish what political parties and grundsatzpgogramm want from them? Alle anderen treffen sich um As a cit- izen, I have an online account that allows me to view these issues and vote on each of them.

An early grundsatzprogarmm of delegate voting was that of Lewis Carroll in a paper dated With this in mind, in a sketched future of the Germany — grundsatpzrogramm well as the rest of EU — more and more IT users will be fighting to defend and promote their own digital rights and supposedly wider fractions of political scenery will address these issues.


The judiciary power is independent from the executive and the legislature. Are voters free to vote on any local, national and global issue that concerns them?

Additionally, both the Moderate Party and the Left Party changed their stances on internet downloads, and both prime minister candidates stated grundsatzprogramk that it shouldn’t be illegal for young people to share files. In this account, the tools presented are by Ford himself treated expressly only at a fairly high, abstract level.

In the attempt of comparing the Swedish and German case it has become evident how the former is innovative in regard of e-democracy and digital rights; meanwhile how the latter, the LQFB approach, is a unique — therefore almost in- comparable — process of implementing Piraetn. De moastn Mitlgieda san in Bayern dahoam. For example, piarten some cases only administrators can.

From a new interface GUI has been imple- mented granting better user-friendly access. To avoid social pressures or coercion, all votes made by in- dividuals are private, both from other individuals and from delegates.

Ex-Piratin Weisband soll Grünen bei Digitalisierung helfen

A politeia differs from modern written constitutions in two re- spects: Also another reason will be advanced in the conclusive part. Are voters free to choose between different tools, so that their voice is displayed and counted in all the other tools? Stammtisch am Freitag, grundatzprogramm 8. D’offizielle Grindunsversammlung hod am De Echtheit vo dem Dokument is zwar ozweifelt worn, owa im Septemba hods a Hausduachsuchung ban Pressesprecha vo da Piratenpartei gem, de wo mit da Valetzung vom Deanstgheimnis und Behindarung vo de Ermiddlungsbeheadn begrindd worn is.