Fractura De Escafoide Jess. 1. FRACTURA DE ESCAFOIDE Jessica Cruz Muños ; 2. Generalidades Después de la fractura de Colles. A fratura do punho – rádio distal – é uma das mais frequentes do esqueleto. Não raro as fraturas acabam consolidando com deformidade. throsis. Cross-sectional studies. RESUMO. Objetivo: Verificar como os cirurgiões da mão conduzem o trat- amento da fratura de escafoide e suas complicações.

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Fratura de úmero – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

According to the 28 scaphoid fractures included in this study, Internal fixation of acute stable scaphoid fractures in the athlete. Fractures of the carpal bones. Displaced fractures of the scaphoid.

There was consolidation in 26 cases For high-performance athletes, surgical treatment may represent a possibility of early return to sports. More comparisons about the differences between the postoperative periods, such as the use of plaster casts present in most studies, are still required, since in the present study they were not used. Characteristically, it is difficult to diagnose due to its small size and irregular shape.

In cases of non-union, radiological follow-up escaofide up to 24 weeks, requiring fraura new surgical intervention. Percutaneous method for scaphoid waist fracture. Should acute scaphoid fractures be fixed?

However, there was no record of a more intense trauma that had triggered the symptoms. Analyze the percutaneous fixation technique for scaphoid fractures in the waist of the scaphoid and the proximal pole, and demonstrate its result.

Green’s operative hand surgery. This position extends the scaphoid and ulnar deviation, improving access to its distal pole Fig. In the other case, a technical failure occurred because the screw head was not fully inserted into the proximal pole; stabilization was lost and consolidation was not achieved. Reconstruction of the defective mandible.

The surgical method was as follows: A, positioning of the image intensifier regarding the hand to be operated; B, hyperextension of the wrist to visualize ffatura entry point and the true longitudinal axis of the scaphoid; C, entry point of the Kirschner escaflide with the wrist in hyperextension; D, Kirschner wire inserted following the true axis of the scaphoid on a lateral view; E, Kirschner wire inserted following the true axis of the scaphoid, on an anteroposterior view; F, introduction of the screw following the true axis of fartura scaphoid.


Only a dressing and an elastic bandage is applied postoperatively Fig. Figure 4 – Posteroanterior radiograph showing percutaneous fixation and in situ fixation of the radial styloid process ed weeks after surgery.

Methods A retrospective cross-cohort study conducted from January to Aprilaiming at the consolidation time, epidemiological profile, level of function, escafoidde to work, and complications.

These data are very similar to those presented in the study by Severo et al. A 12 or gauge needle can be used to help passing the guidewire Fig. They were positioned in a dorsal recumbent position with the upper limb supported on a transparent auxiliary table with an image intensifier used throughout the procedure. Conflicts of interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Prior to the onset of symptoms, our athlete performed repetitive activities that reproduced the mechanism of acute fracture.


The mean time to return to work was seven weeks, including patients with proximal pole fractures. Received Sep 3; Accepted Sep Acute fractures of the scaphoid.

In rare cases, a second Kirschner wire can be applied to avoid rotation of the fragments. Despite the high relative incidence of injury, stress fracture of the scaphoid is relatively rare, with only a few references in the literature 1, In the postoperative period, only dressings were used, without cast immobilization, and early mobilization with load restriction fratur authorized.

Percutaneous treatment for waist and proximal pole scaphoid fractures

Thus, Rettig and Kollias 21 recommend a more aggressive treatment in cases of non-dislocated or minimally dislocated fractures, especially in athletes.

Many minimally dislocated fractures are not visible on radiographs; these cases may present a risk of nonunion. As for the fracture plane, Authors such as Vinnars et al. The fracture plane was not visible on anteroposterior and featura radiographs of the wrist, only on a pronated oblique view Fig. A, anteroposterior radiograph fratjra the wrist; B, lateral radiograph of the wrist; C, pronated oblique radiograph of wrist; D, CT image of the wrist in coronal section; E, CT image of the wrist in sagittal section; F, anteroposterior radiograph of the wrist with seven weeks of evolution; G, anteroposterior radiograph with ulnar deviation of the wrist at seven weeks of evolution; H, complete extension; I, complete flexion; J, surgical scar.


A compression screw is passed through the guidewire and its end position is checked with the image intensifier. Diagnostic time fratjra consolidation time evaluations were analyzed using SPSS v. The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position with the arm fratkra on the table.

The image intensifier edcafoide positioned perpendicular to the wrist. After surgery, fracture consolidation was demonstrated at seven weeks Fig. These cases persisted with dysfunction due to loss of normal range of motion, pain, and pressure strength deficit.

This immobilization time causes muscular atrophy and a decrease in strength, leading to an increase in the degree of joint stiffness of the wrist, which in turn requires a longer rehabilitation time. Percutaneous internal fixation of scaphoid fractures via an arthroscopically assisted dorsal approach. The mean time to return to work was 5. The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position, and under fluoroscopy the hand is tractioned in hyperextension.

J Bone Joint Surg Am. In suspected cases, MRI is the examination of choice. Scaphoid fractures are diagnosed by a history of acute trauma to the wrist in dorsiflexion, pain in its radial aspect, on palpation of the scaphoid and in the anatomical snuffbox 2,3.

Percutaneous fixation of waist and proximal scaphoid fractures with a compression screw presents good results, being a good alternative to prolonged plaster cast use. At final evaluation, six months after fraturra, the athlete was competing with no complaints.