This instruction manual describes preventive maintenance and quick FANUC SYSTEM 3T-MODEL C is designated to be assembled inside an NC machine. Fanuc System 3T-Model D Operator’s Manual(BE 02) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. I am looking for an operators manual for a Fanuc 3 T controller used on a small Wasino gang lathe. Any help would be appreciated. Going to.

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Machine Controllers Software and Solutions. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 12 of Need help understanding “zero” on a Fanuc 3T. It’s taken about 6 months to get it fully operational, and now I’m ready to make its first cuts since it was torn apart and rebuilt. Started out like this: I’m very familiar with machining centers, but I’m in need of some assistance translating that into “ancient” CNC lathe operation.

Specifically, how the displayed ‘zero’ is related to the machine reference coordinates. When I power the machine on, it sets zero as where-ever the table currently sits. And that zero is relative to the location of the table at poweron, not relative to the absolute machine zero. I have the original maintenance manual, but I could not find any parameters that seemed relevant. Any knowledge or assistance provided in understanding this control would be greatly appreciated!

I would recommend to you to create a thread asking for the parameter manual for your model. You will need it several times. I cannot help you about that model, but I am almost sure that there will be a parameter that will set the coordinates as you wish for the homing.

In my 21 those parameters start at While you do not have a parameter manual you can see if you have those parameters. There are integers, not bits, so they are easy to identify. By the way good work on the retrofit. Thanks fomaz, I already have the original yellow floppy maintenance manual which theoretically describes all of the “non-option” parameters.

This is probably exposing my ignorance, but gridshift is the only thing I can find that references the machine absolute zero. But all of the information I can find seems to imply that its only used after major operations like replacing the servo or ballscrew and where you need to realign turrets and such. I was figuring that you do the same thing on a lathe. So my question probably should be. How do I make sure my tool offsets are correct the second time I power-on on a lathe?

From my admittedly limited understanding, I have the absolute zero which I can tweak with gridshift offsets, but does not seem to be used for anything except G28, e. I have work offsets which I can set with G10, G54, etc. I have tool offsets which are settable from the MDI. I have a “random” zero which is wherever the table was on power-up.

Is there are process to set either the work offset or tool offset as relative to the absolute zero instead of the “random” zero? I worked a 3T many years ago. You must set the tools using G50’s. Zero return the machine, then on the position page X[origin] Z[origin] to zero the position readout. Zero return XZ axis. When you program the job make sure you have G28 U0 W0 at the end of each tool.


There are some advanced tricks to avoid re-setting G50’s for each job but start with this simple method first. Thanks fordav11, that worked! G50 was the “magic”, I thought that only set max spindle speed, but it turns out on these older units, it also lets you specify the current location.

For anyone else in the future who has the same question, I took fordav11’s solution and implemented it like this. Another thing that originally threw me for a loop was that the X axis was specified in diameter.

So if the table moves 1″, the readout said 2″. Now I just need to figure out if there’s any way to set DNC on this machine I have the communications working for uploading and downloading prorgams, but drip would be really nice. One last question for anybody still looking at this thread. Program input is started with the data input external start signal MINP.

Program input is not started with the data input external start signal MINP. Anybody has any idea what that means? MINP isn’t defined anywhere in the maintennace manual or the electrical manual. I’m sure nearly any program that your old machine can handle will fit in the available memory.

Fanuc 3T Parameters Manual

Last edited by fordav11; at Tsugami Resto Great looking job. First If you can post more pic’s, How Deep did you go into the mechinacal of the Lathe Bearing’s and such I have machine of the same model I have maintnace manual’s and programing with paramiter list’s If I can Help at pressent mine is down with a spindel drive issue I have Igbat’s to replace and have so far replaced one the local frelance Fanuc tec told me that the top one was the most likley to be the one dead but no change in symptom’s after changing it will move on and test as I change to hopefuly find the proublem.

It started with the spindle seeming to pull down and then fault out I could reset then the same I noticed that the load meater was going nut’s and I already had a noise to address in the motor I changed the bearing and dresed up the electrical conection’s inside and checked the tac pick up I wasen’t the first one to be inside it. Then I went on to the drive and the Igbat’s.

I would like to find a manual that goes into the disambly of the head stock and slides. Let me fxnuc if I can help with what documation I have. I have a RS set up from onother post printed and I will look for the post and forward Email ktaylor earthlink. Me Where exatly are you I’m in the midwest U.


Cold and snow now so inside manuwl will maybe get cought up Good luck Kevin. Last edited by Kevin Taylor; at Ad text and spelling. Did you do a number on the DC servo’s? Helwig Carbon are a source of brushes, BTW.

Same goes for the DC spindle. Imagination will take you everywhere. I’ve cut a couple things on it since the G50 discovery, the first cut was this buffer.

Didn’t realize that featurecam defaults to using its own radius compensation in addition to the radius compensation in the tool offsets so the part came out manal hair oversize.


Thanks again for the help! I’m not an expert at reading these things, but it looks like this machine has 8K of memory? It was taken offline in when the company which owned it moved to a new facility and was never maunal back in service.

The first thing I did when I got it home was power it on to see if fanyc parameters were still intact. Thank god for Duracell Professional In any event, it seems to be new enough to support tool offsets. It also lets you see the program as its running through it. Anybody know if thats an option you can add afterwards? Mine has serial so ranuc probably real close!

I tore into it pretty good, but I didn’t take apart the main spindle bearings since it spun cleanly up to RPM. Did have to realign the axis ballscrews and retune the servos. Mostly I took everything that I could unbolt apart and sandblasted it, did have to fix the turcite on one of the ways. The ballscrews were actually fresh and the table had no appreciable backlash less than a tenth of a thou. I have a Fanuc manuaal Maintenance manual but nothing Tsugami specific, Fanuc referred me to Tsugami, and those guys told me to talk to Remington Sales who disavowed all knowledge of this 3y.

Now from what can see, Tsugami may not have made the actual spindle. It has fanc kitagawa actuator and I just barely see a company logo that begins with M on the spindle housing. I haven’t found any hardware manual for the PL3B’s, they’re kind of an orphan product. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you with your unit! We should also compare parameters fanc diagnostics.

I know I had to tweak a bunch of parameters on mine because even though the original company bought a lot of options, it’s obvious they never used a lot of them since the related parameters either had default values or nothing. Maybe you can tell me, a mystery item 33t me on the spindle manhal what looks like an air driven indexer. I’m using basic G-code group A and the very basic M codes to try to program this thing.

So here’s some before pictures. This one was fun, since it came missing the plexiglass windows, I used a homebrew laser cutter to make the new ones. I just got everything moving, now I have to buy all fauc long-term maintenance bits Also, where the heck do you buy gang-tool style bits? What did they use originally?

It looks like the spindle center is 2. One last question, am I crazy for thinking of adding a C-axis to this machine? Is that even possible on a 3T control? A PM conversation with memoryman is giving me hope. From his recollection, the 3T normally has 20m 8KB of memory and is expandable to 40m onboard, up to 80m with additional memory cards.