Michael Yessis Plyometric Training Achieving Explosive Power in Sports – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis. Keywords: Plyometric, Exercise, Agility, Explosive strength, Speed. 1. Introduction . [14] Yessis Michael (). Explosive Plyometrics.

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Doing so will lead to great fatigue, and, according to Verkhoshansky, sleep disturbances. Assume a front facing position to a partner standing approximately feet away.

Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis

When ready, inhale and hold your breath as you lower the barbell about halfway to the chest. Keep plyometricw mind that the lower the body goes on landing, the longer it takes for the body to come up and the longer it takes for the jump to be executed. As you reach the lowest point in your squat which should be minimalyou immediately change directions. Split Squat Jumps Purpose.

Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis – Free Download PDF

This elicits the involuntary forced stretch during which you plyomerrics energy for the return action. Execution is basically the same as in the above exercises.

Your partner should hold a small ball in front, directly above you about inches away. To increase the difficulty and to develop even greater E 1 explosive power, hold a dumbbell in each hand as you execute t the double leg jumps.

Explosive Plyometrics gives you the true explosive plyometric exercises for you to develop the greatest speed and explosive power possible. Execute in the same manner as the jump with a 90″ turn, except you explosve a ” turn on each jump. However, some athletes with explosive arms are capable of jumping from the push-up position with only the arms up to a height of two-three feet.


Explosive Plyometrics

This article may be too technical plyoetrics most readers to understand. Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-expertswithout removing the technical details. After you flex the arms slightly, push off as you lean the upper body forward so that you travel forward in the jump.

The hips, knees, and ankles flex when landing and the joints extend on the upward return. Pause in between each rep or do five-six repetitions in a row with no stopping.

In the landing there is forced loading of plykmetrics muscles. Studies done with monitoring of breathing patterns have proven this beyond any doubt. Deadlift c Good-morning c Leg curl i Squat c.

Same as in exercise 11 but to develop quicker and faster acting arms. It starts every cycle of training from the macro- meso- and microcycle after restoration and recovery.

He then drops the ball so that you can catch it, bring the forearm back in shoulder joint lateral rotation and then quickly rotate the arm to bring the forearm up and then flick the wrist to complete the throw.

As a result only a portion of the forces will be used to raise your body; the remaining force will be wasted since it goes sideways in opposite directions to cancel one another.

He found that the landings and takeoffs in these two skills involved high ground reaction forces that were executed in an extremely quick and explosive manner. A must read for trainers and sports coaches. Depending upon your sport, the throw can be directed more in a forward or upward direction.

In all cases, however, the descent should be smooth explosibe under control while explksive switch and return is executed quickly-as though shot out of a cannon. You must be physically prepared before attempting this exercise, and you must have a leg press machine that is capable of being used in an explosive manner. This book gives you the true explosive plyometric exercises Understand that you are a unique individual. Youngsters especially should beware of doing explosive plyometric or very intense types of explosive plyometric training because it can be very stressful to the joints and nervous system.


To use the trunk in a forward throwing action.

Explosive Plyometrics – Michael Yessis – Google Books

As a result, it is important to distinguish which type of “plyometric” exercise is used in order to determine its effectiveness and potential to receive the stated benefits. Prepare yourself explosivve and mentally for the landing.

This article has multiple issues. Another way of saying this is that you attain sports form in the exercises and skills etc. These are very resilient structures that can withstand and accumulate great amounts of tension when they are forcefully stretched to store energy and then give it back in the take-off.

C B Single leg jumps in place Purpose: It should be used mainly for reinforcement of particular coordinations and as a warm-up to the speed and explosive plyometric training. If you use maximum force the barbell should be accelerated to such an extent that it will leave your hands as you release it.