The Eurapipe ABS system comprises a range of matched pressure pipes and fittings, jointed together by a wide variety of methods including cold solvent cement. Euratech Industries Sdn. Bhd. is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of. Eurapipe ABS pressure pipes and fittings. Our products are widely used . MSDS. Eurapipe ABS Primer MSDS · Eurapipe ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit CPVC Solvent Cement MSDS [ KB.

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S13 Keep away from abe, drink and animal feeding stuffs. DO NOT store in pits, depressions, basements or areas where vapours may be trapped. See Other protection below Other protection: Small hood-local control only Simple theory shows that air velocity falls rapidly with distance away from the opening of a simple extraction pipe.

Easy odour recognition and irritant properties furapipe methyl ethyl ketone means that high vapour levels are readily detected and should be avoided by application of control measures; however odour fatigue may occur with loss of warning of exposure.

Employers may need to use multiple types of controls to prevent employee overexposure. Water spray or fog – Large fires only.

The design of a ventilation system must match the particular process and chemical or contaminant in use. Lens should furapipe removed at the first signs of eye redness or irritation – lens should be removed in a clean environment only after workers have washed hands thoroughly. Each user must refer to laws operating in their area.

Drug therapy should be considered for pulmonary oedema. Signs and symptoms of chemical aspiration pneumonitis may include coughing, gasping, choking, burning of the mouth, difficult breathing, and bluish coloured skin cyanosis. Where a can is to be used as an inner package, the can must have a screwed enclosure. Atmosphere xbs be regularly checked against established exposure standards to ensure safe working conditions.

  DIN 17006 PDF

Long-term exposure to respiratory irritants may result in disease of the airways involving difficult breathing and related systemic problems. Prostheses such as false teeth, which may block airway, should be removed, where possible, prior to initiating first aid procedures. Skin irritation may also be present after prolonged or repeated exposure; this may result in a form of contact dermatitis nonallergic.

Gloves must only be worn on clean eurapkpe. Eurapipe’s History Eurapipe Solutions Indonesia was established in and was the pioneer of polyethylene piping systems in Indonesia.

If signs of hypovolaemia are present use lactated Ringers solution. Risks may be determined by reference to Exposures Scenarios.

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Earth and secure metal containers when dispensing or pouring product. Log In Sign Up. This is complemented by a wide array of imported moulded, compression and electrofusion fittings from leading global manufactures.

Ingestion may result in nausea, abdominal irritation, pain and vomiting Skin Contact: Storage in sealed containers may result in pressure buildup causing violent rupture of containers not rated appropriately.

DO NOT discharge into sewer or waterways. If spontaneous vomiting has occurred after ingestion, the patient should be monitored for difficult breathing, as adverse effects of aspiration into the lungs may be delayed up to 48 hours. Protect containers against physical damage and check regularly for leaks.

Page 8 of 9 Fusion stocks and supplies WA 08 fusionaus. Other mechanical considerations, producing performance deficits within the extraction apparatus, make it essential that theoretical air velocities are multiplied by factors of 10 or more when extraction systems are installed or used.

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The exact break through time for substances has to be obtained from the manufacturer of the protective gloves and has to be observed when making a final choice. Check that containers are clearly euurapipe and free from leaks. Methyl ethyl ketone is expected to have very high mobility in soil. Seek medical attention in event of irritation. The material is partially fluorinated high performance plastic.


They are unlikely to bioconcentrate or biomagnify. Ensure there is ready access to a safety shower.


Wear breathing apparatus plus protective gloves. Under conditions of high pH pH greater than 10the enolic proton is abstracted by base OH- forming a carbanion intermediate that may react with other organic substrates e. Ketones in this group: Fish LC50 24 h: S43 In case of fire use PVC protective suit may be required if exposure severe. Solvent welding, flanged joints, mechanical couplings Approvals: BCF where regulations permit.

QLD 07 The properties include, Low flammability, Excellent chemical resistance, exceptional ageing resistance and high rigidity.

Eurapipe Duraflo | Euratech

The product characteristics includes, high chemical resistance, outstanding processing parameters, extremely versatile, high heat stability makes it the perfect material for various applications like; Water supply, Sea water desalination, Sewage Treatment plants, Mining, Renewable energy Swimming pool construction, Ship building, Fish Farming, Chemical lines etc.

Methyl ethyl ketone is expected to biodegrade under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions as indicated by numerous screening tests. The volatilisation half-life of methyl ethyl ketone from silt and sandy loams was measured as 4.

Some plastic personal protective equipment PPE e. Air contaminants generated in the workplace possess varying “escape” velocities which, in turn, determine the “capture furapipe of fresh circulating air required to effectively remove the contaminant.

On combustion, may emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide CO. Application of a non-perfumed moisturiser is recommended.