QuickCheck Tutorial. Thomas Arts. John Hughes. Quviq AB. Queues. Erlang contains a queue data structure. (see stdlib documentation). We want to test that . In Erlang, it’s the usual accepted approach to implement as much as possible on the BEAM. This gives every bit of code the wonderful. check the operations (implement by using QuickCheck). Generator for decimals: decimal() ->?LET(Tuple, {int(),nat()}, new(Tuple)). Able to generate all possible.

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Still all in all this worked incredibly well. Keep that in mind when implementing your QuickCheck abstract state machines.

Testing C code with Erlang QuickCheck – Project-FiFo Blog

In other wordsthe property passes if Prop sometimes passes. QuickCheck can exercise a wider variety of call sequences than you can possibly write manual test cases for.

The most recent versions of QuickCheck have a new format for defining an abstract state machine, which is more readable and concise and which requires much less boilerplate than before. And finally writing something in C that does what you think it does and not randomly segfaults or overwrites memory is close to impossible — at least so I blatantly claim without proof or citation other than an empirical study with a sample size of: QuickCheck uses controlled random generation to test your code against the spec.

It has been an incredibly helpful learning experience, so I thought to share some of the highlights from our discussions to a broader public. As an example, the following property:. It enables them to find errors at an earlier stage, lowering costs and improving quality as a result.


At the same time, many more cases can be generated, so testing is more thorough. Automatic Simplification Conventional random testing generates failing cases in which—like failures from the field—the signal causing the failure is obscured by a great deal of random noise, making fault diagnosis difficult and costly.

Only the QuickCheck libraries themselves are proprietary. However, — yes, I know that is what everyone was waiting for, sorry it took me so long — the concept turns completely useless when the C code segfaults and brutally murders the BEAM.

It saves me from coming up with test cases myself and rather lets me describe what I want to happen in a greater scope rather then. Or even C code, it can even find some memory corruption issues that way. QuickCheck is an automated testing tool, originating from research by John Hughes and Koen Claessen and commercialized by Quviq. And this works perfectly for Erlang code!

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QuickCheck enables developers to generate tests from specifications. Now there are a few hurdles in the way however, EQC, to my knowledge, has no build in abstraction for remote execution. Whenever you implement a new generator or even if you simply use a built-in one, you quickcgeck want to verify that the generator works as you expect.

Roberto Aloi

It is often convenient to model the system under test via a state machine. QuickCheck tests your properties in erlajg generated cases, either interactively or invoked from your test server.


Cases which no-one thought to test crash systems late in development or out in the field, revealing errors which cost time and money to analyze, diagnose, and fix. The following snippet should give you a better drlang of what I mean here. Doing so in a way that does what you want it to do is a lot harder.

Please try again in a few minutes. More about coverage period and what is publicly available. QuickCheck uses the power of functional programming to keep specifications concise and readable. If you have questions, need help, find a bug or just want to give us feedback you may use this form, or contact us per e-mail research.

Testing C code with Erlang QuickCheck

The above is important for how the two functions shrink. Testing is a major part of all software development – yet no matter how much effort is spent on it, quickcehck errors always seem to slip through.

In QuickCheck two similar functions are available: Research projects at chalmers. State Machine Testing It is often convenient to model the system under test via a state machine.