Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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Southwest is a passage that links this area with the Golden Chamber: We have some spare time until midnight, so let’s use it to visit the cathedral and trigger a few optional scenes.

Exit the station for a short scene with a random NPC. When you find him, speak with him, sell him your Soul Seeds and give him the “Moogle Fragment” reward of one of the previous quests in Moogle Village to receive the Fragment of Radiance. Do so to open it and get the Locket Pendant inside. We have nothing else left to do for Day 2.

If for some reason you can’t farm this ability from the Anubys of the Death Game anymore, your next best chance is to fight Anubys anywhere in the world. Just complete the minimum you need for the achievements and ignore the remaining ones. Note that you’ll need 1, Gil to complete this quest, so make sure to save that amount of cash for the time being.

It works simply like this: In case you couldn’t finish getting the Soul Seeds by now, spend this Day to do so you should probably finish grinding them in the morning at most. If you open your in-game map you will notice a dead-end path leading East and then Southwest it’s between the Northeastern part of the Commercial District and the Centrum area. If it’s not too late already if it’s For this reason, do NOT use Chronostasis in this dungeon — it’s in your best interest to let the time flow, so that the doors can alternatively open and close.


detonaddo We’re not going to complete this quest Death Game now. More Teleport Stations will become available later in the game. Although the game tells you to follow them silently, it’s easier to just engage battle with the one who has a “!

Final Fantasy XIII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

If you have a couple of EP to spare, use them to Teleport to the South train station in Luxerion less tedious than walking there on foot. Instead, a xkii one will start. These change from Day to Day, so make sure to pick them all up when you get here. After the conversation, accept the quest and then speak with him again to give him 1x Gysahl Green obtained from the vegetable garden in Canopus Farm, a while ago.

Also save at least 1, Gil, because they’ll be needed for one of the next quests. In order detonadoo properly start the quest we need to speak with Gregory we’ll do so soon.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

We’ll get around to get them later on. That’s about it for this place for now, so just exit and take the path to the North to continue the exploration of the Dead Dunes. Try to speak with him for a scene.

Dry Floodlands and Oasis Lighthouse. Non-quest-related info will be written as normal text. The effect is greater in the instant following an attack or when the enemy is using Riposte. Xiio effect is greater in the instant following an attack or when the enemy is using Recast. Set up Aerora, Deshell, Deprotect as abilities.


We still need one last item to be able to heal the Chocobo completely. Also keep in mind that quests are sometimes time-related, meaning that they are only available during certain hours of the day. Yusnaan – Main Quest 2-X Complete! The codes are random and different on each playthrough except for one which is always 0and the game will “take note” of them for you when the time to insert the code comes, the game will show you which numbers xiil the code you found.

Engage battle with every enemy in this area press RB to hit them before they can hit you, so you start with a small advantage in battle.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Then speak with Thorton to complete the quest Rewards: The item he needs will be found on our way, soon enough.

In here, stay on the right side and then proceed forward to find some big containers that you can use to climb up.

It is a great feat to lead so many souls to salvation. Then talk to him a third time and a two-options menu will prompt.

This is a very linear dungeon, but following a map for it would be a bit complicated because the same area has multiple heights which would confuse you.