The courses by ASSIMIL are the same used by my grandfather to study languages years ago. But they are still excellent courses. Listen to the CD’s while. Assimil-Il Nuovo Inglese Senza Sforzo Corso Assimil Inglese Avanzato English Please Assimil francese pdf. 4 CD audio) + Perfezionamento del francese. Il Corso Completo di Inglese English for Italians fornisce gli strumenti che permettono di cominciare a parlare fin dalle prime lezioni.

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It was helpful to increase vocabulary but I forgot most of them before long. A few days ago a friend of mine told me she is learning Spanish. I told my son the other day that Steve Kaufman is my new guru. I believe the LingQ will lead me to points of Toeic. Seth Anderson Tempe, Inglfse. I started to buy magazines for English learners.

I enjoy learning at LingQ, and watching my progress snapshot every day. Tutti dovrebbero conoscervi ragazzi. They are rarely beginners, but they are literally assimiil. There were a few questions that I needed time to think over, but for the rest of them I just felt the right answers like my intuition told me.

I didn’t expect that much. Sono stato fortunato e grato di scoprire LingQ, e lo raccomando a chiunque abbia anche un impercettibile interesse nelle lingue straniere!

I had to find another word for assinil or tutor to describe what I do. Interesting content and mp3 files, flashcards which I had been using on and off in paper form together with the possibility of communicating with other learners and a tutor. I talked a lot 40 minutes!



I find LingQ very handy, it really saves tons of time and makes me feel more confident knowing I have everything I need to learn i. Per il fatto stesso che era noioso e non lo trovavo motivante, non osservavo nessun effetto positivo sulla mia generale padronanza dell’inglese. The content of your video blogs are very inspiring my experience and my personal observations led me to the same conclusions regarding language learning. What I found most astonishing was that I did not achieve this by memorising the lines from some phrase books, but the conversations came out quite naturally from my mouth.

English for Italians | Corso Completo di Inglese in Download

Sono persino finito a lavorare in una compagnia Giapponese dove nessuno parla Inglese. Although I don’t know if the interviewer liked innglese answers, I’m sure she could understand them, despite of the minor mistakes I’m sure I made. It is simple, but for the studies I want to do, I don’t need anything else.

Ho appena finito di leggere il tuo libro, The Way of the Linguist, e devo dire che l’ho trovato di grande ispirazione. So, thank you for that!: Le ho schiesto se stava iniziando adesso a imparare lo spagnolo. Simply follow the basic instructions on LingQ and you will be learning in no time.

LingQ is absolutely brilliant and is something I feel that is extremely unique. Assimip I can tell you that I have spent a considerable amount of time searching the Internet, trying to get a look at what is going on regarding to online language learning systems.

LingQ reviews and testimonials – See what our users are saying

I intend to buy your book. Providing students with a lot of comprehensible input was a big challenge, especially for French. Prima di effettuare l’acquisto, avevo deciso di esplorare il vostro sito.


But it never happened… my English was barely enough to read technical papers that I needed for my professional inglesd. As a teacher, I am now constantly challenged to remake my classroom in order to do the same.

It completely minimises the faffing about of writing stuff on cards or in vocabulary books and makes it easy for me to learn and remember words, without any pretence of special gimics or memory aids that don’t work in the long term.

I have been enrolled at the site since the end of July in order to master English, my first priority. It really makes me feel satisfied when I have gotten all the meaning of new words.

Last year, I angrily decided I would study English alone every single day until I became fluent. My progress snapshot shows it, too.

She is against formal vocabulary and grammar learning. It’s funny, You’re laughing and it isn’t boring at all. I also enjoy your blogs each day which help to keep me motivated.

I have just signed up for LingQ to learn French language. Jeanne Sloane Petaluma, California. Here is how I use LingQ. Sto pensando di imparare altre lingue in futuro mediante LingQ.