5 MB app. Asma ul Ashab e Badr Ashab e Badr ke namon se her dua qabool. Related to Duaen Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Battle of Badr. The names of the holy Badr sahaba extracted from “Badr Mawlid” written by Allama Mappillai Lebbai Aalim. (Rahmatullahi Alaihi). Log into our multi-lingual. I have a question in regards to something, what is Dua Al Badr or Al Badri? I heard someone speak of it they briefly mentioned that it was A.

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Sayyiduna Mas’ud ibn-i Rabia al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Umayr ibn-i Haram al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Amir ibn-i Yazid al-Awsi R.

Sayyiduna Rafi’ibn’ul-Muall al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Yazid ibn’ul-Harith al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Abbad ibn-i Qays al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Amir ibn-i Mukhallad al-Khazraji R. It is narrated that many people who caught an illness was cured of their illnesses by asking cure from Allah mentioning the blessed names of the people of Badr. Sayyiduna Bishr ibn’il-Bara al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Ubada bin Samit al-Khazraji R. Some people said, “If the names of the people of Badr are read before a prayer, this will cause that prayer to be accepted quickly. Sayyiduna al-Fakih ibn-i Bishr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Aemaul ibn-i Malik al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Thabit ibn-i Hazzal al-Khazraji R.


Sayyiduna Abbad ibn-i Bishr al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Rafi’ bin Yazid al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Utba bin Bar al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Muhammad ibn-i Maslama al-Awsi R.

List of participants at the Battle of Badr – Wikipedia

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibnu’l-Jad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Safwan ibn-i Wahb al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Nu’man ibn-i al-A’raj al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Salama bin Salama al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Shuhayb ibn-i Sinan al-Muhajiri R.

Waseela by asma ul badr download pdf book

Sayyiduna Hamza bin al-Mumayyir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna al-Harith ibn-i Khazma al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Muadh ibn-us Simma al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Utba bdar Abdullah al-Khazraji R.

Can I have a link with the names in English please. Sayyiduna Samaul bin Harith al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Malik ibn-i Mas’ud al-Khazraji R. And Mujarraab and others RA have mentioned that many of the Awliya did not attain wilayat sainthood except by reciting these names and using them as a Waseela a means of intercession with Allah.

Names of the Muslim Warriors in the Battle of Badar

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Jahsh al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Mistah ibn-i Uthatha al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Asim ibn-i Sabir al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Sa’d ibn’i Haysama al-Awsi R. I want to ask a question. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Salama al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Sahl ibn-i Hunayf al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Sahl ibn-i Rafi’ al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Sahl ibn-i Atik al-Khazraji R.


It is stated in the Quran that the angels sent by Allah joined them during the course of the battle, which is an additional reason of virtue for them. Sayyiduna Mulayl ibn-i Wabra al -Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Uthman ibn-i Maz’un al-Muhajiri R.

Sayyiduna Rafi’ bin Malik al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Amir ibn-i Fuhayra al-Muhajiri R.

asaul Sayyiduna Muadh ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R. Unfortunately I do not have the names in English. Sayyiduna Marsad ibn-i Marsad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Tulayb ibn-u Umayr al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Bashir ibn-i Said al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Midlaj ibn-i Amir al-Muhajiri R.