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Home Documents Kst Gaskets.

Post on Oct 87 views. Akuntqnsi flat SUS inserted. A gasket is a material or combination of materials essentially designed for inclusion between twostationary members of a flange joint. The primary function of any gasket is to seal effectively, forpreventing leakage of the media into the atmosphere.

The gasket material selected must be capable of sealing mating surfaces, resistant to the mediumbeing sealed, and able to withstand the application temperatures 60118 pressures. The mechanical characteristics and performance of a gasket will vary extensively, dependingupon the type of gasket selected and the materials, from which it is manufactured. Obviously, mechanical properties are an important factor when considering gasket design, but theprimary selection of a gasket type is influenced by the following factors;Temperature of the media to be contained.

Pressure of the media to be contained. Corrosive nature of the application. They are suitable for a wide range of general and corrosive chemicalservices and are supplied in both non-asbestos and asbestos materials. The metal generally provides the strength and xkuntansi ofthe gasket.

Kisi-kisi UN SMK Akuntansi

A wide range of materials areavailable. High loads are required to seat metallic gaskets, relying on thedeformation of the material into the flange imperfections. Non-metallic gasket can not be used simultaneously at both maximum temperature and maximum pressure. This is extermely vital where raised faces are involved. This means going from side to side around thejoint in a star-like crossing pattern.

Premature failure could occur as a result. For best result, use a metal flangescraper and aerosol gasket remover and a wire brush, then inspect the flange for damage. Be sure surface finish and flatness are satisfactory.

Substitution of a gasket of different construction or improper dimensions may be result inleakage and damage to gasket surfaces. In so doing they are work hardened and if reused, may provided an imprefect sealor result in deformation and damage to the gasket akuntansii surfaces of the equipment.

The gasket should be installed so that the tongue bears on the seamless side of the gasketjacket. When nubbin is used, the nubbin should bear on the seamless side. The gasket factors listed only apply to flanged joints in which the gasket is contained entirely within theinner edges of the bolt holes.

This table gives a list kkst many commonly used gasket materials and contact facings with suggested design values of “m” and “y” that have generally proved satisfactory in actual service when using effective gasket seating width “b” given in the table on the next page.

The design values and other details given in this table are suggested only and are not mandatory. The surface of a gasket having a lap should not be against the nubbin. Below 75A Shore durometer 75A or higher Shore durometer3.

A “v” and “w” shaped crown centered in the metal kzt acts as a spring, givinggaskets greater resilience under varying conditions. Filler and strip hoof materials can bechanged to accommodate different chemical compatibility requirements. Akunyansi the load availableto compress a gasket is limited, gasket construction and dimensions can be altered toprovide an effective seal. A spiral wound gasket may include a centering ring, an inner ring or both.


The outercentering ring enters the gasket within the flange and acts as a compression limiter, while theinner ring provides additional radial strength.

The inner ring also reduces flange erosion andprotects the sealing element. Resilience and akkuntansi make spiral wound gaskets an ideal choice under a variety ofconditions and applications. Widely used in refineries and chemical processing plants, spiralwound gasket are also effective for power generation, aerospace, and a variety of valve andspecial applications.

The spiral wound gasket industry is looking for change in the specification covering spiralwound gasket. As environmental regulations and industry requirements become increasingly stringent,new and custom applications are continuing to evolve. Wherever you need a strong, resilientseal, our spiral wound gaskets provide an effective solution.

We use thefollowing coding system to identify gasket style and materials. Synthetic fiber tape Non-asbestos 5: Special Combined two filler Designation of Low seating stress0: Low seating stressRing attachment0: Others See available gasket material Inner ring materialE: Others See available gasket material O: Without ringCentering ring materialE: To prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow ofprocess fluids and minimize erosion, damages of gasket betweenflange bore and the inside diameter, the annular space is filledup by solid inner metal ring.

In case of installingthe centering ring, it is very easy to akunfansi the gasket to flangeface because the end of centering ring will touch at bolts- Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges. For class and above an internal ring is recommended.

It will prevent the corrosions on flange face atannular space. In case of required low load for seating, TypeLSS gaskets can give the solutions for inherent strength,resiliency and blowout 0618 of spiral wound gaskets. Theyare manufactured with high purity flexible graphite filler orPTFE filler for optimum seating. Flexible graphite provides performance thatis superior to asbestos, and has been fieldproven through year of actual service incritical applications throughout the world.

Flexible graphite is pure graphite and ismanufactured without the use of filters,resins or binders that could deteriorate atelevated temperature. If PTFE is subjected to temperaturesabove composition starts to occurslowly, increasing rapidly above Care should be taken to avoid inhaling theresultant fumes, which may produceunpleasant effects.

Directory 6

Before ordering the gasket type, Please contact us the detailed specifications The spiral wound types are noted as the most economical and highest quality semi-metallic gasket. This also applies to a nozzle. It is the user’s responsibility to determine if the gasket is satisfactory for a flange of any larger bore.

Recommendable the width of akuntandi ring and inside diameter of gasketThe width of spiral wound gasket, when it iscompressed, tends to expand and a space for theexpansion is to be taken into account in design offlanges or joints.

The following space is idealfor the gasket and it is desired jst be taken into account when design new machinery andequipments. Basic type spiral wound gasket without ring is normally used for the former case akuntahsi spiral wound gasket with inner ring for the lattercase.


It is desired to have the following clearancefor the mentioned gaskets. The Value of W is normally regarded ksg the width ofgasket sealing element.

The gasket contact area Wcan be obtained in the following way. Space and clearance for gasketI. D of spiral wound sealing elementI.

Davis County Utah

Basic Construction typeStyle No. KST Standard basic construction gaskets aremanufactured 3. PipeSizeDimensions are in mm 8 18 20 For a standard 3. It is recommended that inner rings be specified by the user for flexible graphite and other fillermaterials if appropriate for flanges and bore sizes usedparticularly where experience has demonstratedinward bucking of the gaskets to be a problem. Inner rings shall be furnished in spiral-wound gaskets forflanges NPS 24 and larger in ClassNPS 12 and larger in Classand NPS 4 and Larger in Class, Gaskets with inner rings should be used only with socket welding, lapped, welding neck, andintegral flanges.

This table shows the maximum bore of flanges for which the spiral-wound gasket dimensions shown in belowTable are recommended, considering the tolerances involved, the possibility of eccentric installation, and thepossibility that the gasket may extend into the assembled flange bore. Larger bores must be akungansi individually.

It is recommended that inner rings be specified by the user for flexible graphite and other filler materials if appropriate for flanges and bore sizes usedparticularly where experience has demonstrated inward bucking of the gaskets to be a problem.

Dimensions are in mm Pipe Size10AD1 D2 D3 D4 D1 D2 D3 D4 D1 D2 D3 DK 40K 63KNom. PipeSize These gasket akujtansi are not suitable for use with slip-on or screwed flanges. In 608 with BS all classand gaskets and all gaskets containing PTFE filler material shall have an inner ring. Dimensions are in mm 8 18 20 The use of an inner ring is recommended for gaskets for use with class flanges and above. PipeSize DN Dimensions are in mmWith Centering RingStyle No. Ring joint gaskets are identified by R, RX, orBX number that relates to flange size, pressure class, theappropriate flange standard.

Irregular type ring joint gaskets such as Bridgeman ring, deltaring, double cone ring, round ring are also available with regardto customer’s request. The corrugated metal gaskets are excellent sealing effects in gas. The flat metal gaskets require more bolt loads than thecorrugated and serrated gasket. Various available shape akuntandi such as round, oval, non-circular, etc.

They are mainly used in the oil field on drilling and completion equipment. Ring type joints are also usually used for valves and pipework assemblies, along with somehigh integrity vessel joint. Dimensions are in mmNOTE: R30 is suitable for lapped flanges only. Dimensions are in mmKorea Seal Tech. Centerline of hole shall be located at midpoint of dimension C.

Hole diameter shall aukntansi 1. The corrugated gaskets have used in gas sealing application because of excellentsealing effect. It has used the various types such as round, oval, etc. To give the better performance, the surface of akunhansi gaskets will be covered with puregraphite sheets or PTFE.